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Posted on Dec 3, 2011

We can now buy solar panels, and, as the graph shows, we will be producing electricity for less than conventional sources of electricity. Now with battery technology advancing at a rapid pace to fuel our future of electric vehicles, the final hurdles are tumbling down. We are in a moment when as we transform our lives, we transform everything around us.

We could simply forgive the debt that is killing our kids and home owners that have lost their job. We are in control if we so choose to take action on our ideas. We can move our savings, if we have any, to credit unions. We can support our local food and farmers by buying their superior produce.

Solar Village Documentary Video Trailer

Freedom does exists if we choose to take it. We live on the cusp of a transforming moment in history. By realizing that you have the freedom right here and now to take back your life.

Real value in the real world is about growing our own local food to eat and sharing it with our neighbours. Real freedom comes when you build your own home without enslaving yourself to the bank with a mortgage that you can barely afford. Real power is about using the magic of todays technology to generate electricity and heat from the sun hitting the roof of your home. Magically a battery like the ones in the Nissan Leaf, can ensure you've got that electricity whenever you need it. We live at a moment where everything is about to change if we care the seize this moment.

Change starts with the decision. Then the hard work begins. You put one foot in front of the other and make it happen. Celebrate along the way, each step, as you grow some tomatoes in your back yard, as you add some solar panels to the roof of your house, as you learn how to disconnect from the grid using deep cycle batteries that are 100% recyclable. Feel the power. Show your neighbours. This is our world and you can hear freedoms bell ringing.