Scotland on Target for 100% Renewable Energy by 2020

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Posted on Nov 17, 2012

"Planning for renewable electricity and heat is a key strand of climate change mitigation as we move to a low carbon society. Planning has a key role in supporting a diverse mix of onshore and offshore renewables and has to be proactive in maximising opportunities in these challenging and fast-moving sectors. The planning system’s focus is on providing guidance on the locations where particular renewables are most likely to be appropriate as well as shaping the criteria to be taken into account in the determination of applications.

Policy Aims
Scottish Government Policy is to generate the equivalent of 100% of Scotland's gross annual electricity consumption, the equivalent of 11% of Scotland's heat demand met from renewable sources and 500 MW of community and locally-owned renewable energy, all by 2020."

Several things about the plan Scotland has for renewable are worth noting. First of all, they are well ahead of schedule and plan. They've achieved 35% electricity generation from renewable energy by 2011, well ahead of their planned date. Getting to 50% by 2015 looks well in hand according to official plans and articles published in the Guardian newspaper. Clearly, the people of Scotland through their government have seen that long term prosperty relies on renewable energy. Also, very clearly, the Government and the people of Scotland state that climate change mitigation is a big part of the reason, in addition to the economic advantages. Sure, the North Sea has provided abundant fossil resources and the resulting economic benefits and detrimental pollution/climate change impacts. So, the decision has been made, 100% renewable energy for electricity production by 2020. And, knowing full well, the might of the Scottish will power, you can have little doubt, they will achieve it come hell or high water...perhaps literally.

Point being, if they can do it then so can we. If their 5 million people can come together to make this economically sensible transition so quickly, then so can each and every community, village, city, province, state and country in the world. You can help your community make it happen while reaping the economic benefits yourself. Switch to renewables today and give the future a chance, by stopping the pollution that your use of fossil fuels and uranium creates today. You'll be better off economically over the long run and make a future possible for your children. If you've already made the switch to 100% renewables then join us and help everyone else make the switch to a 100% renewable energy powered Solar Villages globally.