Wilson Natural Home Video Natural Living

This documentary tells the story of how a family found a way to use the power of the sun to reduce their impact on the natural world. If you've always wanted to see how it all works, explained in plain language, then this is the video for you. This 25 minute episode takes you step-by-step through the process of design, construction, and the resulting lifestyle achieved. You can buy this DVD when you become a partner of the Solar Village or if you just want the DVD click here to go to www.naturallifenetwork.com.

"When it comes to living green, you can't do much better than the Wilson family." - Toronto Star

John Wilson walks you through the ten year journey that his family undertook to build a natural home. Natural Living documents what real people are doing to stop the destruction of the natural world. There are so many things that can be done today.

Learn from the experts about new and old ways to make our homes healthier using natural materials like straw bales. Find out how home design can minimize the need to use fossil fuels for heating and cooling. Capture renewable energy from the sun and wind. Transform the power of sunlight and the wind into electricity. Convert renewable energy into electricity that can even run your electricity meter backwards. Reduce your need for heating energy by using smart windows and passive solar design. Reduce your energy needs by choosing efficient appliances and lighting. These are real solutions, presented by real people just like you.

Topics Covered:

  • Award winning sustainable home design
  • Solar power and solar panels
  • Wind power and wind turbine
  • Renewable energy grid tied
  • Construction process including straw bale
  • Interview with award winning design
  • Interview with Leonard Allen, Solera Energies
  • Childrens perspective
  • Composting organic waste
  • Windows
  • Passive solar design
  • Active solar
  • Hydronic in floor heating
  • Green roofing, sod roof concepts

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