Solar Power Changes Everything

The Solar Village documentary

Take a trip to the solar capital of Europe. Come visit Freiburg Germany where the green movement came of age. Learn how the development of feed-in tariff (FIT) laws created by those who came out of the environmental movement transforms the sensible choice of renewable energy into a good investment.

Renewable Energy documentary

We do have the power to transform our own communities. 100% renewable energy is the opportunity of the century. We are reaching a great turning point driven by peak oil, environmental degradation, global warming and a growing global community consciousness. Renewable energy gives democracy a future. Without energy nothing works. Energy is the economy. Dependence on energy suppliers means we the people are no longer in control of our own lives much less our democratic institutions.

The Solar Village

Watch the documentary video that started the Solar Village community. Learn how the green movement started in Germany and was driven by policies designed to make a desired future driven by renewable energy possible.

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Free & Open Source

Get the latest open source ideas for creating your future Solar Village using the Solar Village Design Book and start changing the nature of power. This is a community, so we also are looking for your input, feedback and support as we share the wisdom.

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Latest News

Check out the latest news, ideas and blogs from around the world as people everywhere make the changes we all need to create a world that works for future generations. Have something to contribute then please do send us your articles and article ideas today.

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