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We need to switch to 100% renewable resources by 2020. Together we can make this happen.

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Documentary videos include Wilson Natural Home (25 minutes), The Solar Village (45 minutes), and Hope for a Change: Renewable Energy (60 minutes, featuring Dr. David Suzuki, Dr. Hermann Scheer, and Chris Turner).

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Freedom off-the-grid

Gaining your freedom off the grid takes a new kind of thinking. Leonard Allen lives and breathes that kind of thinking every day. Off the grid means generating your own electricity, storing it for usage during peak demand, and eliminating your electricity bills. Leonard is one of the few “solar” power people who “walks the talk.” His company, Solera Energies, is one of the most innovative renewable energy systems providers in Canada.

Living off the grid does not require any radical lifestyle adjustments. Like most families they enjoy the modern conveniences of a dishwasher, and clothes washer and dryer. Their computers access the Internet through a high-speed satellite link. Their large screen television, stereo and electric guitar (Leonard plays in a band), all make everything appear quite remarkably the same as those living on the grid.

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