How Germany is Getting to 100 Percent Renewable Energy

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Posted on Nov 17, 2012

Simply put if Germany can do it any country in the world can do it. Every country in the world could create both a sustainable world and at the same time a sustainable economy by switching to renewable energy sources like solar, wind and other renewables. Think about it. What is everything made out of? Materials and energy? How does everything get from where it is made to you, energy. How is the food we need to survive produced? Energy. Our simple choice is to use fossil / nuclear sources that pollute and are finite (both of which create long term economic chaos), or renewables, which as their name implies, are available in abundance as far into the future as we can possibly imagine, while by their nature, they do not pollute.

By putting the policy tools in place to make independent investment in solar make sense for individuals, farmers, small business, and big business, each has responded with economic zeal. It just makes sense to invest in securing a power source that won't fluctuate in price drastically, especially through climatatic events that have become more frequent because of the pollution that fossil fuels create and making nuclear too risky. Instead, by investing in renewable sources of energy everybody wins and the economic equation stabilizes.

In Germany community cooperative groups own 65 percent of the renewable energy generating capacity. This energy democratization makes political democracy possible. Without it we get politics controlled and managed by the oil companies and the politicians they finance through elections. It isn't that complicated. However, quite fortunately, we simply can say no. We can switch to solar and other renewables and literally get off the grid. Germany has it figured out with some astonishing leadership that twenty years ago stuck to their guns, and put in place the feed-in tariff program that made all of this possible. The father of the solar future is Hermann Scheer. Read all his books and you'll see what the potential for people's future really is with solar power. It is bright and beautiful. Get into solar now.