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Death of the Fossil Fuel Industry

Posted on May 24, 2013

This is the fight of our generation and on behalf of those generations yet to come. We must make the switch to renewable energy which is perfectly achievable while also providing much greater economic value when compared to fossil fuels. Make no mistake, the fight will be brutal, high stakes, and potentially deadly. Powerful wealthy forces within the fossil fuel industry have trillions of dollars to lose, so they won't go down without a fierce and expensive fight, using their profits to fund a PR campaign the likes of which we can't even imagine. This highly centralized, extremely wealthy fossil fuel industry will use their massive and increasing profits to rape and pillage the earth, our water systems, and all forms of life in the name of profits. As the CEO of Exxon says "My philosophy is to make money."

Bill Mckibben explains how the future is ours to create. We can achieve 100% renewable energy in the next twenty years. It must be our highest priority if we want to give our children hope for a future that includes a livable planet.

"With each passing month, something else weakens the industry's hand: the steady rise of renewable energy, a technology that's gone from pie-in-the-sky to panel-on-the-roof in remarkably short order. In the few countries where governments have really gotten behind renewables, the results are staggering: There were days last spring when Germany (pale, northern Germany) managed to generate half its power from solar panels. Even in this country, much of the generating capacity added last year came from renewables. A December study from the University of Delaware showed that by 2030 we could affordably power the nation 99.9 percent of the time on renewable energy. In other words, logic, physics and technology work against the fossil-fuel industry. For the moment, it has the political power it needs – but political power shifts perhaps more easily than physics."

Everything points to a bright future powered entirely by solar energy except for a small group of fossil fuel companies that must cease to exist. This is our fight, one that we can not lose. We must bring down the fossil fuel companies despite their economic power. We can do it now by putting solar panels on our rooftops at home and at work, by switching to electric vehicles, and by choosing food that is grown without fossil fuel based fertilizers and pesticides. You can start today, you must start today and make the switch to 100% renewables to win the future for our children.

Photo Credit: By Arnold Paul (Own work (own foto)) [CC-BY-SA-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons