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Role of the Individual in Transforming Energy Systems

Posted on Aug 2, 2013

Tom Heintzman is the President of Bullfrog Power, Canada’s 100% green energy provider, offering homes and businesses a clean, renewable energy choice. In 2008, Tom was named the Ontario Energy Association’s Leader of the Year.

Prior to founding Bullfrog Power, Tom spent more than 13 years in the private and NGO sectors, most recently with Zenon Environmental where he led their global M&A initiatives as director of corporate development. Earlier in his career, as Engagement Manager with McKinsey & Company, Tom provided consulting services to many of the world’s largest corporations in the energy, manufacturing, financial services and telecommunications sectors. From 1996 to 1998, Tom was instrumental in establishing the Sierra Legal Defence Fund’s Ontario office. Tom began his career practicing law with Goodmans, a leading Canadian law firm.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons - public domain