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Germany Nearing 40% Renewable Energy

Posted on Aug 8, 2013

Germany developed a vision for 100% renewable energy about twenty years ago. They could see the terrible impacts of fossil and nuclear power on the environment, while at the same time they could see the risk in a non-renewable source of power. Clearly an industrial champion needs sustainable cost-effective energy in order to continue to prosper. Using local renewable energy does that and more in that more than 65% of the renewable energy is locally owned. As a major market they are now also the premier developer of renewable technology and the industry that requires. As a distributed energy source, so critical to everything we all do every day, they've begun to achieve energy democracy, something that other states, ruled by powerful fossil and nuclear industries can't even fathom.

Bloomberg news had a recent report with the following numbers, "Twenty-five percent of Germany's electricity now comes from solar, wind and biomass. A third of the world's installed solar capacity is found in Germany, a nation that gets roughly the same amount of sunlight as Alaska. A whopping 65 percent of the country's total renewable power capacity is now owned by individuals, cooperatives and communities, leaving Germany's once all-powerful utilities with just a sliver (6.5 percent) of this burgeoning sector."