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Secrets for successfully growing plants, while sustaining the planet

Posted on Aug 1, 2017

The secret to successfully creating a productive vegetable garden, flower garden or balcony equivalent is the soil. Living soils are created in nature by worms...that's right, worms are one of the most important transformers of organic matter into nutrients plant need to grow and be healthy. That is why worm manure or worm castings as it is often called, provides the secret ingredient to growing plants anywhere. When that worm manure comes from food waste from downtown Toronto offices, that natural soil amendment is not only sustainable but more importantly, it is regenerative. That means you'll be putting more nutrients and carbon back into the natural systems than you are taking out. So get your worm manure today at the Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto or online right now - .

Adding JOCELYN'S SOIL BOOSTER makes sense right now. Typically, we add soil booster in the spring when we plant, but an amendment now keeps our plants growing healthy and strong into their fruiting stage towards the end of summer. A regular program of adding 1 part soil booster with 10 parts soil will keep all your plants growing healthy and strong. This can also keep the weeds and pests at bay. Right now you can order this secret to a beautiful garden through JOCELYN'S website store at .

A recent article in the National Observer featured Wastenot Farms as a way for cities to combat the extraordinarily damaging impact of sending our food waste to land fills. There is a better way, and the more than 250,000 and growing number worms that Wastenot Farms prove their is a better way. Has your business looked into this new service yet? Check out Wastenot Farms Green Bins Growing service offering to see if you could be transforming your food waste into a natural manure for growing healthy food.

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