Solar Project: The Wilson House

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The Foundation
Once the foundation was completed the walls were insulated and then we put up the steel beams that will hold up the centre of the house. The foundation has been built with local concrete blocks. The black coating will provides water proofing.

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  August 31, 2000 - The foundation is in!  
  September 2000 - Exterior and some interior foundation walls get nearly four inches of foam insulation. Putting this on the outside removes the potential for condensation on the inside walls, not to mention improving the insulation levels substantially.  
  September 2000 - The steel beams hold up the heavy concrete floor as well as the vegetative roof that will eventually rest on these posts. Colin gets expert help from the Wilson family as the critical height for the ground floor is determined.  
  September 2000 - Colin has carefully prepared to get the beams perfectly level.
  September 2000 - Using a transit we make sure that the beam is at the correct relative height.
  Copyright 2000 John Wilson