Solar Project: The Wilson House

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Wind Turbine Installation
The Bergey wind turbine is being installed today by Ben Rodgers and Leondard Allen of Solera. They worked through a bit of a snow storm to get things up and operational. It has been painful watching day after day of wind go by without the wind turbine installed. For more information on the solar power and wind turbine systems contact Solwera at .

  January 8, 2003 - Ben prepares the base of the tower for the wind turbine. The tower is 60 feet high. The electrical wiring is being installed before raising the tower.  
  January 8, 2003 - The guide wires are installed along four corners at the base of the tower.  
  January 8, 2003 - Ben holds the core turbine that will be mounted at the top of the tower. The three blades three feet each will be attached to the yellow nose of the turbine.  
  January 8, 2003 - The truck pulls up the main portion of the tower while the guide wires are used to keep it in the middle.  
  January 8, 2003 - The tower is partially up.  
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