Solar Project: The Wilson House

Photo Journal Contents

Curbing for the Greenroof
Final touches on the roof before the EPDM membrane is applied to waterproof.

  March 15, 2001 - Looking west on the roof. The three large windows will provide light and ventilation through the center of the house. On each side of the sky light solar hot water heaters will help store heated water on the second floor.  
  March 15, 2001 - Looking east on the roof. Solar hot water heaters will sit on each side of the sky light.  
  March 3, 2001 - Doug stands next to the wood burning stove chimney frame. EPA rated high efficiency, a sealed wood burning stove will be used for extra heating during long periods of cold and dull days. Wood from the property will sustain this heating system.  
  Mar 15, 2001 - The "dog house", the large sky light, provides extensive lighting and ventilation into the center of the house where the kitchen is located. This system will provide a non mechanical cooling system and natural light instead of electircal lighting throughout the day.  
  Mar 15, 2001 - Details of the curbing for the greenroof can be seen on the east side of the roof. This curb will hold in the soil for the greenroof. The surface of the roof and the curbing will be covered by an EPDM membrane (synthetic rubber).  
  Copyright 2000 John Wilson