Solar Project: The Wilson House

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New Solar Panels: Summer Sun Flowers Brighten Organic Vegetable Garden
New solar panel doubles as an awning. Always planned for the south face of the house is now protected from sun in the summer and wind/rain all year long. Without the awning the south facing birch plywood has taken a much harder beating than the east and west side which are shaded by the roof. The awning will also reduce the driving rains pounding the windows in a storm as much.

  August 16, 2008 - New solar awning is finally up and ready to produced electricity on the Ontario RESOP (renewable energy standard offer program). This program pays us 42 cents/kW for every kW these panels produce. The new Ontario FIT (feed-in tariff) soon to be law, through the Green Energy Act, will pay 80 cents/kW.  
  August 16, 2008 - Green roof is starting to grow in with native grasses, sedum and wild flowers.  
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