Solar Project: The Wilson House

Photo Journal Contents

Interior Final Touches
The interior finishing has nearly been completed and we've bug to decorate. The railing for the bridge now has the steel wire fencing install and the opaque barrier has been installed above the cupboards on the north side providing a unique and yet simple finish. The wood stove had been our only supply of heat until recently. The stairs were installed from the kitchen down into the living area recently using left-over pieces of the glulam beams.

  December 2, 2001 - The kichen, stairs, bridge and cupboards are finished. Only minor doweling remains for the railing. Light from later afternoon sun warms the centre core of the house on this sunny cold day.  
  December 2, 2001 - The bridge is made simply using a steel fencing material and steel brackets. The log wall in the background provides a visual divide between the core of the house and the master bedroom area. The first set of low voltage lights have been installed over the kitchen counter on the far right providing excellent task lighting with low power requirements.  
  December 2, 2001 - Claire relaxes after and afternoon of painting with here Dad.  
  December 2, 2001 - The new log cabin wall surrounds the master bedroom area. The glass sloped window on the right looks like a spaceship within the house looking out into the greenhouse on the south side from the master bedroom bathroom. Very exciting.  
  December 2, 2001 - The new stairs are made from left-over material from the post and beam construction.  
  Copyright 2001 John Wilson