Solar Project: The Wilson House

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In-Floor Heating
Extensive tubing is tied to the steel wire grid that reinforces the floor. This will provide both our heat collection and distribution. It can also provide cooling during the summer.

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  October 8 2000 - The master bedroom in the foreground with the living room in the background looking south west over the property.  
  October 8 , 2000 - The ground floor on the south side. A major collection area for passive solar heat.  
  October 8 2000 - The ground floor heating tubing comes together at a distribution point.
  October 4, 2000 - Looking west down into basement. The square wooden boxes will provide the forming for the tempered glass windows which will be placed in the concrete floor. This brilliant design idea that Martin suggested will provide excellent lighting for the basement as well as adding interest to the ground floor living room.
October 8, 2000 - The basement gets extensive tubing for in floor heating.
  October 8, 2000 - The water cistern which will hold our rain water collected from the vegetative roof.  
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