Solar Project: The Wilson House

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The House: A Solar Collector
Our first glimpse of the view we can expect to get from the 2nd floor on a beautiful December morning. All directions are gorgeous as we carefully venture onto the 2nd floor while the ply wood is still loosely laid.

  December 3, 2000 - The sun shines down into the house which is nestled into the trees. The trees are on the north side providing a wind break from the constant northern cold breezes. The land slopes gently from the north down to the south provide a location designed to collect the maximum available solar energy from the sun.  
  December 3, 2000 - The roof lines from north to south vault up towards the sun.  
  December 3, 2000 - The local soil provided most of the sand requirements during construction of the foundation. Local materials have been used where possible.
  Copyright 2000 John Wilson