Solar Project: The Wilson House

Photo Journal Contents

Moved In
The house is ready enough to live in. While still partially under construction all the essentials are ready. We moved into the house on May 26, 2001.

  June 17, 2001 - The main doors have been installed. A morning sun warms up the east side of the house.  
  June 17, 2001 - The breakfast table provides a sunny place for the kids to play teddy bear football. The greenhouse windows, newly finished with a reveal, drywall and blonde visa plywood separators allows the morning sun to stream through the south side of the house.  
  June 17, 2001 - Leigh prepares breakfast in our kitchen which has been partially constructed. The kitchen cabinets are Ikea. They do not use formeldihyde. The final cabinetry will be birch. For now the kitchen and living room also act as a warehouse as we finish the windows.  
  June 17, 2001 - Leigh and John have painted the master bedroom. The door on the right leads into the greenhouse.  
  June 17, 2001 - The wall in the spare bedroom meets the ceiling at a right angle providing wall that leans into the dining room. The living room downstairs has been temporarily set up for guests but for now is mainly under plastic during the day as construction continues.  
  Copyright 2001 John Wilson