Solar Project: The Wilson House

Photo Journal Contents

Exterior Done, Grading Completed
The exterior has been completed for this year, ready for the winter. Next spring we will begin the process of landscaping and growing our own vegetables.

  December 2, 2001 - The house soaks up the sun on a cool December afternoon. The boulders are the remains of ancient glacial activity in this heavenly hilltop location.  
  December 2, 2001 - The west end of the house soaks up the late afternoon sun on a cool sunny day. Inside the house has collected the heat in the concrete floors. In fact it was so hot that I had to open some windows to let the lovely cool fresh air in.  
  December 2, 2001 - The rock drainage path directs the large amount of water which currently flows off of the large EPDM covered roof. Once the soil and grasses are established on the roof we expect the flow to be significantly reduced. In time we expect to grow native wild flowers and grasses in this area to maintain the slope and minimize erosion.  
  December 2, 2001 - The sun sets slowly casting a dark orange glow on the windows.  
  Copyright 2001 John Wilson