Solar Project: The Wilson House

Photo Journal Contents

Wind and Solar Power
The wind and solar power system was installed by by Ben Rodgers and Leondard Allen of Phantom Electron Corporation. For more information on the solar power and wind turbine systems contact Phantom Electron Corporation at (905) 430-6512 or check out their web site at .

  August 30, 2003 - Wind and solar power system combine with passive solar to create a comfortable home all year.  
  August 30, 2003 - All systems are working well through this first summer. We appear to be saving about $500 per year on our electrical bills despite the current fixed rate that does not reflect the true cost of the electricity.  
  August 30, 2003 - Leigh hangs our laundry out for a quick dry on this breezy sunny day.  
  Copyright 2003 John Wilson