Solar Project: The Wilson House

Photo Journal Contents

Second Floor Framing
During the week just past the second floor was started. Joists have been put up on the south side of the house.

  December 2, 2000 - Looking from north to south west through the frame of the house. The second floor is starting to take shape in the middle.  
  December 2 , 2000 - The kids play around the newly installed septic system and we can see the joists for the second floor along the south side of the house. These will provide the floor for the three bedrooms upstairs. To the north on the second floor will be a bathroom.  
  December 2, 2000 - The joists are clearly visible looking up through the house from the south east side.
  December 2, 2000 - Looking straight north at the frame of the house from deep south on the property. The second floor line is now visible.  
  December 2, 2000 - The second floor looking north east from the south east. The walkout from the basement is boarded up to try and keep some of the snow out of the basement.  
  Copyright 2000 John Wilson