Solar Project: The Wilson House

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The In-Floor Radiant Heating System
The small water heating on demand system provides the main heating system. This "Microtherm" water heater supplies heated water to the substantial tubing laced throughout the flooring system on all levels of the house. Each room or zone has a thermostat so that temperature can be mainainted at different levels in different areas of the house. The Seisco Microtherm water heating device is electrically powered and designed to be ultra-efficient. For the most part the device is rarely on due to the thermal capacity of the concrete floors. When heated water is required it is only distributed to the zone in which it is required. Finally, the ultra-efficient design ensure the least amount of energy is used to heat the water and no energy is expended in storing the heated water. The main heating system was completed last week. The wood burning stove has provided sufficient heat to keep us warm until this point which suggest we have a well insulated home. This winter will test this relatively new type of heating system configuration.

  December 2, 2001 - The square white unit with the Seisco label is the main "furnace" for the entire house. This ultra-efficient water heating device uses electricity to heat water on demand to be supplied to zones in the house. Each zone in the house has it's own thermostatic control. The Seisco Microtherm device requires to electrical fees as shown in the upper left. The green Taco device provides a relay control system for the valves for the piping into the floor. This controller is initiatted by the smaller controler below which gets all of the signals through the red wiring from each thermostat. The in-floor tubing in this picture are only for the 2nd floor rooms. The others are on the wall to the left (not visible in this picture).  
  December 2, 2001 - The flow of heated water into the tubing is provided by pumps for each zone. Each pump has a main shut off switch at the top of the picture. To the left side, with the black foam pipe insulation, is the future in-take for the solar water heater which will be mounted on the roof on the south face. The solar water heater will minimize the electrical energy required to heat the water. On the far left in the backgroun is an electric hot water tank used for the bath, shower and sinks. This system is separated from the in-floor water heating system.  
  December 2, 2001 - The utility room for the entire homes heating system is located on the 2nd floor north of the bathroom. This picture shows the entire mechanical room.  
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