Solar Project: The Wilson House

Photo Journal Contents

Sun Sets on Exterior Work
The final grading is completed as fall sets in. The interior finishing at this point should be done within a month and that will be it for this year. We'll start the landscaping, greenroof, solar panels and fine tuning next year in the spring.

  September 30, 2001 - The clear fall day leaves a lasting impression on the windows of the south side of the house.  
  September 30, 2001 - Fall colours brighten the property making for wonderful walks.  
  September 30, 2001 - The grading has been completed and the exterior finishing done for the most part.  
  September 30, 2001 - Extensive grading last Friday has opened up some space around the house. The natural flow of water away from the house is seen here on the west side. The walk out from the basement provides lots of light and warmth during the later part of the day.  
  Copyright 2001 John Wilson