Solar Project: The Wilson House

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Photo Voltaic Solar Panels
After several false starts we finally got the photo voltaic solar array purchased, installed and running this past December. The modules we selected are made by Siemens in the United States. The inverter system in our electrical room is designed to support both this photo voltaic (PV) solar panel system and a wind turbine that should arrive next week. The inverter converts DC current from the solar panels to AC. The electrical power generated by the solar array and future wind turbine is being pumped into the utility electrical grid. On sunny and windy days our electricity meter runs backwards.For more information on the solar power and wind turbine systems contact Solera at . .

  December 17, 2002 - The photo voltaic solar panels which convert sunlight into electricity can be seen just above the windows on the second floor. The modules are a dark black colour. Ten individual modules have been integrated onto the roof. These panels are just the start of what will be a several sets of these panels..  
  December 17, 2002 - The photo voltaic solar panels and the future wind turbine cables terminate in our electrical room. They are connected into the inverter (the white box on the wall in the middle of the picture). The white cable to the left is the future wind turbine cable from the outside of the house coming into the intervert. The switch box above the inverter connects and disconnects the inverters AC power output with the electrical grid coming in from the street. This particular configuration also requires some batteries be our case since we are grid connected it is a minimum of four batteries. The other connection form the inverter is into our electrical panel. On the bench is some software running that monitors the power input/output from the various connections..  
  December 17 , 2002 - Up on the roof you can see a close-up of the solar panels. This was a cold, frosty, but fortunately sunny day. It is nice to know that the output from solar panels increases the lower the operating temperature. Still we don't get too much sun in the winter. We do get lots of wind though. The wind turbine should be installed next week.  
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