Solar Project: The Wilson House

Photo Journal Contents

The Second Floor Ready for a Roof
Despite bitterly cold weather Colin and the crew have managed to prepare the beams and post to start the roof next week.

  January 7, 2001 - Window frames are visible on both the ground and second floor. The main floor on the south side shapes up to be a large green house.  
  January 7, 2001 - The view through the new window frames on the second floor.  
  January 7, 2001 - Three bedrooms on the second floor have their window frames and the start of dividing walls.
  January 7, 2001 - The second floors angled wall and the highest point of the ceiling are visible in the upper right portion of this picture. The solar panels will site in this step in the roof. Small windows may provide extra light.  
  January 7, 2001 - The living room and green house space. The beam on the far right is the angled wall in the main living room area.  
  Copyright 2000 John Wilson