Solar Project: The Wilson House

Photo Journal Contents

Roofing Half Done
This past week the roofing moved along quickly. Half the roof joists are in place and the large clerestory is a visiable space in the middle of the roof. This feature will provide us with light during the day in the kitchen and throughout most of the house. It will also provide for ventilation during the summer for cooling and venting the kitchen.

  January 20, 2001 - Claire and Ian take a leisurly stroll down the winding driveway through the trees. The house is partially visible through the trees as the sun sparkles off of the new roof joists.  
  January 20, 2001 - The south face of the house clearly shows the many windows which will allow sun light to heat the interior concrete floors and warm the house on these cold (-10C) days.  
  January 20, 2001 - Leigh stands in the spare bedroom on the second floor. Above, on the angled roof will sit solar water heating panels and solar photo voltaic panels for water heating and electricity supply. With fossil fuel prices doubling recently and expected to double again next year making heating costs go from $1,400 a year to $2,400 a year we are feeling very good about our solar powered home design.  
  January 20, 2001 - The design of the house takes shape. Lately it has seemed to me that the design has taken inspiration, through nature, from the native american form of "long house". This simple design seems ideally suited to the Canadian climate, warm in winter, and naturally cool in the summer.  
  January 20, 2001 - The simple post and beam design, tuned perfectly to the angles of the sun, mimics natures best designs. Leigh and Claire look out to the west of the house through the entirely framed walls.  
  January 20, 2001 - The shape, outlined in perfect blue, inspires us as we imagine the future green roof growing in the summer.  
  Copyright 2000 John Wilson