Solar Project: The Wilson House

Photo Journal Contents

Framed for Walls
A little snow still covers the roof as the internal walls start to go up.

  March 3, 2001 - Looking south east through the house. The new sky light on the roof provides light and ventilation and air conditioning.  
  March 3, 2001 - Claire peeks through the future master bedroom window on the east side. To the left is a new doorway to the green house.  
  March 3, 2001 - John Wilson stands in the living room. The second floor bedrooms are visible and open above. The sloped wall on the south is now enclosed.  
  Mar 3, 2001 - The second floor bedrooms looing south through the window frames. A third bedroom now has a wall to the far right.  
  Mar 3, 2001 - The west wing. Ianito and Leigh peek through a future window.  
  Copyright 2000 John Wilson