Solar Project: The Wilson House

Photo Journal Contents

The Ground Floor
The foundation is done and we start the process of embedding the floors with mass to collect solar heat passively. After this stage water tubing will be tied into the floor just before the concrete is poured. This is the basis for the in-floor heating/cooling system used throughout the house.

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  October 4 2000 - The joists are ready in the basement. Tyvek was added after this picture was taken to create a smooth ceiling finish.  
  October 4 , 2000 - The basement floor is ready to have steel lattice and then the water pipes laid out for in floor heating. Steps are formed for easy access to the central composting toil system area.  
  October 4 2000 - The ground floor is ready for the in-floor heating/cooling system to be installed.
  October 4, 2000 - Looking west down into basement. The doorway on the far right leads to the future "cold room" where we will store food that needs to be kept cold.
  Copyright 2000 John Wilson